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古語有云:《預防勝於治療》。為了減低工作受傷的機會,職前工作能力測試是不可或缺的。此測試不但能夠知道將面試者的基本體能,還可以根據結果為他們安排更適合的工作崗位。 CANBI 致力為各大公司針對不同的工作崗位設計適合的測試。

Pre-Employment Functional Ability Screening (FAS)

Prevention is better than cure. Pre-employment FAS is useful for minimizing work injuries. FAS is used not only to assess the functional abilities of the potential employees, but also to allocate them the most suitable jobs in accordance to their functional abilities. CANBI will design specific screening components in FAS for a variety of jobs for different companies.


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